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Welcome - High Impact Business Writing
Increasingly, professionals in business, leaders in educations, parents, and others, are discovering that respectful communications are essential to developing productive personal and professional relationships. 

Whether it is to move forward with a career, to raise respectful children, or just to increase personal social skills, more and more people are interested in acquiring knowledge about how to communicate more effectively. This means understanding current guidelines for grammar, communication-oriented etiquette, cross cultural communication protocol, and general civility. 

Appropriate, effective communications also incorporate consideration for the impact of a message; thoughtfulness regarding the timing and mode of delivery, review of word choice to eliminate unintentional bias or stereotypes, to be gender neutral and correct...all this applies to work and personal emails, documents, curriculum, reports, proposals, even thank you cards…the opportunities for miscommunication are boundless.
Whether your need is a workshop on business writing or grammar, editing, proof-reading, revisions/update of training materials, workplace standards design, curriculum development, tailoring of in house training materials, creation or assistance with the editorial, magazine columns for print or online, or professional writing; our publishing division has the expertise and experience to accommodate. 

Effective communication is essential to success in business and in life and with a little effort; anyone can improve his/her communication skills. 

The Propriety Consulting Group team includes the following professionals who can assist with your project:
  • Expert trainers
  • Professional writers
  • Experienced editors
  • Seasoned proof-readers
  • Research assistants
  • Administrative professionals 
  • Competency Analysts
  • Certified performance consultants
  • Certified adult learning and instructional design personnel
  • Human resource professionals 
  • Psychology graduates with knowledge of learning theories, statistical analysis, and research techniques

  • Bi-lingual translators
  • Bi-lingual trainers
  • Bi-lingual content development professionals 
  • Executive level instructors: grammar, business writing, persuasive writing
  • Psychometric analysis expert 
  • Technical/IT experts 
  • Layout, design, and print professionals 
  • International culture and development personnel
  • Aboriginal/First Nations consultant 
  • Printing and layout/design professionals